Wk15-Artist Conversation-Veronica Karpecki

Exhibition Information

Artist: Veronica Karpecki
Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic
Media: Drawing, pencils, mixed medium, paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: https://veronicakarpecki.carbonmade.com/
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Because of how this really was not an artist conversation as she was not there.  I learned a lot less about the artist. However, she described in her title card that many of her pieces were of a reflection of how she was having a identity crisis at a young age.  How she was trying to find who she really was. She also described poisonous relationships with people in her life and how people would judge her and how she shrugged it off and would use all of her past as inspiration for her art pieces.

Formal Analysis

Her art pieces are mostly cartoonish in nature.  The figures are so cartoonish that you can even feel like you have seen them before. Her contours are usually very smooth, which you can see in her Funky Love Machine piece. It seems she emphasizes this feeling of a piece being drawn to life in her art. Her pieces are almost completely of a person and seem to display human qualities. Also, the people are drawn almost without flaw, as if they are perfect in nature. Lastly, the pieces vary in color, some with hot and vibrant colors while others with cool and dark colors.

Content Analysis

Her pieces are seemingly self-reflexive. They describe a lot about her life as she has stated. Also, about maybe the roles humans can play. As one piece has the same character as a bird, a devil, and a mummy. So, overall it is a piece of human nature and what role humans can play. What is interesting is her paint piece plays a separate role from what all of her other pieces play. It shares a more cool but lively feel.  Funky Funky Love Machine  has the character expressing outright happiness, while others do as well, but she is playing a prominent female role. Maybe that characters female role shows an impact on the artist.

Synthesis / My Experience

Personally I really loved this exhibit.  I specifically chose this artist because I love how the cartoon-like drawings brought me back to a time in which I saw that type of drawing on a pretty regular basis. Overall, I really enjoyed her pieces. As a whole, the exhibit was of really good artists and actually I would’ve gone to it twice if I had time. Her pieces really did touch a certain younger part of me, wether it was intentional on her end or not.  Overall, really loved her pieces.



Wk13-Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Miscellanous Objects, Mixed Media, Wood, Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: @nickbamf4d

About the Artist

Nick Bamford is a senior at California State University Long Beach achieving his BFA in Ceramics.  Nick is a Huntington Beach native.  He found his love for Ceramics when he took a Ceramics class at his high school.  He loves to have art and be active in the art community.  Nick described that one of his passions is to do Mixed Media art.  This type of art is a clash of different forms of media to create a unique image. In his free time, he creates as much art as he can.  Again, as I described before, he does art from different forms, so he has described doing painting which we can see in this medium he has shown to us.

Formal Analysis

What is immediately interesting about the exhibit it is its almost completely in black light and lowlight.  The potpourri objects used are pretty far between.  We have shopping carts, flags, and even some gear pieces. Also, the use of neon colors creates a sharp contrast with the darkness that surround it.  He would also use paper and other materials in front of light source to create a certain light diffusion.  Overall, his pieces had jagged edges and created a feeling of unease.  This seems completely intentional as most art pieces have every aspect of the art piece controlled.  That is the most accurate assumption you have to make while looking at art.

Content Analysis

I believe the piece, like most others, is a critique.  I believe it might be a slight commentary on society and how overwhelmed and bombarded we are with things.  Things in this case being tangible objects.  This could be the idea that represents all the items that are piled on top of each other.  For us, we pile objects and then feel they are “junk” so maybe it represents this idea that these objects are “junk”.  Also, it is intentionally creating a fantastic spectacle.  This exhibit helps show Bamford’s imagination gone wild.  We see this imagination as these pieces are far away from what we would assume that would come from an exhibit such as paintings.  The observer is almost completely taken off guard by this.

Synthesis / My Experience

This piece actually reminds me a bit of the 80’s.  A time of turbulence.  Which is represented by the seemingly chaotic pieces.  Also, a time of neon and acid “trips” which could be the lighting and the lightings “feel”.  The lighting is constantly disorienting and distracting to the eye.  This is what the exhibit had me feel, for others that could be different.  It was actually one of the more interesting exhibits we have had this year.  I personally really enjoyed the pieces because they were mixed media.  I have never seen this specific style of artwork or anything remotely close to it.  However, Nick Bamford’s art piece truly stands out and is extremely unique.  This exhibit will stick with me for a long time.


Wk12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Paint, Digital, Ink
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Student at California State University Long Beach.  She is in the Printmaking concentration and is in her final year.  Originally, she achieved her degree in Biology.  However her real passion and love is in the arts.  Back in her life, she had worked for companies that didn’t have a focus on art or biology.  She also liked to create different pieces every single time.  Her activities are broad and she likes to do many different things. Her pieces in this exhibit called Succession seem to focus on landscapes.

Formal Analysis

Each piece differs a lot on purpose.  Her artwork likes to highlight the environment below.  She uses a lot of eagle eye views on her pieces that create emphasis on the trees that are in the picture itself.  Also, she uses graphics to concentrate on parts of her pieces.  It seems she uses programs such as Google World to see nature being built around the cities. The trees are obviously the focus in most of her pieces.  She uses colors and opaqueness in the photos to also draw the viewers eye.  The pieces are all of urban areas with emphasis on foliage.  She also, sometimes combines paint with her prints.  The use of paints create a sense of intrusion in her paintings.  Which may be her direct intent.  To create a uneasy intrusive feel.

Content Analysis

I believe her pieces are to help show the intrusive nature of developing over trees.  We make it seem like we are expanded on a wild nature.  While, I believe her piece conveys a different message.  It displays the idea that we are actually invading a natural beauty.  Maybe, that we are usurping it.  Therefore, it is painting a picture that maybe we are the invaders on this land.

Synthesis / My Experience

I believe it helps describe the idea that we need to preserve nature.  That we need to create more eco-friendly buildings that help create a self-sustainable world.  For me, the piece also described in some ways how urban life can be beautiful.  how we can make beautiful architectural pieces. However, I am almost certain that was not her intention.  I do enjoy the way urban life can be beautiful however.  Overall, I really liked her exhibit.


Wk10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox
Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Oil, water color, pastels, canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: www.HelenWarnerCox.com
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Helen Werner Cox is a graduate student at California State University Long Beach.  She has been doing art for a large part of her life however did work at Middle Schools.  She moved to the west coast because she did not like the weather in Boston and enjoys reading and gardening in her spare time.  She is working on her MFA in drawing in our arts program here.  She has been devoted to learning art throughout her life as she was studying art at Boston University, and now here.  To talk more on her personal life, she grew up in Ithaca New York but when she moved to California it was in Southern California.  She immediately loved it because it was a 180 from the weather in the Northeast.  She soon caught inspiration seeing horses in carousels in Santa Barbara and Southern California.

Formal Analysis

Her pieces of the carousel horses are smooth however sharp and edged. The smoothness comes from the oils and water coloring.  The sharp lines come from pastels and this creates a very interesting contrast. The colors are vibrant and there is stark contrast between them.  This lack of blending in the colors make them pop off the art piece itself.  Actually there is a very unique piece she has that also draws our attention.  Its a sculpture of one of the horses, a centaur.  Its saddle is colored while the horse is tan.  This change in medium shows her expertise in art.   Her larger canvases show larger strokes.  The horses silhouette is smooth however there inside is pastel based.

Content Analysis

Her artwork is actually super symbolic.  The carousel horses are obviously symbolic of childhood and memories.  However, she dives deeper into it.  She describes how society is stuck in a loop and how we kind of “go through the motions” everyday.  The way she used to describe this was the carousel horses themselves, and how we just wake up, go to work and go back to bed.  She criticizes this new modern way of life we created.  Her artwork I believe shows the beauty of everyone in some ways.  If the horses represent us, the colors also do too.  These vibrant colors give us the feeling that we are also individuals.  Also, it creates this theme that we should feel beautiful no matter what color, or how you look.  Overall, its a critique and comment of our society and our population in the modern era we are in.

Synthesis / My Experience

When I walked in and saw all the horses it immediately took me into a flashback in my childhood.  As a young child, I would always go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk carousel.  It was an enjoyable time and a memorable moment of my life.  This exhibit made me feel a little bit like a child.  However, i saw her symbolism with society immediately when I read the title of her exhibit Silent Screams.  It made this feeling how we all hate the way we go through the motions.  However, we never do anything about it or speak out against it.  Hence the Silent portion of the Screams.  However, the vibrant colors and bright artwork gave it a pretty positive feeling into it.  She described her art as never leaving her and it makes me feel so very happy because thats how I felt about my life.  I, at one point, admitted defeat in art and went for Business Administration.  However, it never truly left me and so I changed my major to Film because of that.  Art never truly leaves a person, its a bug.  Once its in you, it never leaves.IMG_5218.JPGIMG_5221.JPGIMG_5219.JPGIMG_5216.JPGIMG_5220.JPGIMG_5217.JPGIMG_5215.JPGIMG_5211.JPGIMG_5209.JPGIMG_5208.JPGIMG_5207.JPG

Wk7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Williams


Artist: Andrea L. Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Cement, Clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: @andreawilliammms

The first exhibit I saw was Andrea L. Williams Sacrifice gallery.  Andrea Williams is a undergraduate student here at California State University Long Beach and is, obviously as many are, an arts major.  She is specifically in Ceramics (probably why she had a Ceramic exhibition).    She was born in California at Riverside.  Her being devoutly Christian and being a mother is expressed in her gallery.  Lastly, she has a wide love for animals as she owns some!

Her artwork contains ridges and bumps as it seems the cement and clay have not been flattened evenly. The colors that are mainly expressed are red, white and the background, grey.  This use of three colors creates a more impactful feel then a use of wide colors.  The painted lines are very sharp and defined.  Silhouette lines seem very exact.  However, non silhouette lines seem to follow a more chaotic pattern.  The clay forms at the bottom create a contrasting color with the grey background.

I believe her art piece describes how everything in life is a sacrifice.  Jesus sacrifice on the cross is no different then a women’s sacrifice of time with a child.  The colors create a dark intense tone that makes the observer almost unsettled.  Obviously religious feelings play heavily into her pieces.  She has one with clay models of sheep’s heads representing the good shepherd himself.  It also expresses a lot about the women body as It has women playing biblical roles.  Their is also one of a female torso, and baby hands around it.  The message of fertility, religion, and femininity are all heavy handed messages in her artwork in this exhibit.

This art experience actually made me question biblical masculinity a bit more.  There, of course, is always many male roles that are important in the bible.  However, females play a very minor role biblically except for the Virgin Mary. So, I took it more so as a religious commentary in my perspective.  I personally really enjoyed this gallery it definitely was one of my favorites of this year.




Wk7-Classmate Conversation-David Brown

At the galleries, I decided to have a classmate conversation with David Brown!  One of the students in the class! He is a Computer Engineering Major at California State University Long Beach.  Our conversations made and revolved mostly around conversations about science fiction shows.  We hit up topics such as our disappointment of why Firefly has been canceled but how Serenity, the film, did close off the series well.  We also talked about other popular sci-fi shows such as: The Expanse, Star Trek, Battlestar: Galactica and more!  It is fun to finally know someone who I can connect with on a totally geeky level!  Quick fact about him… his favorite color is Orange.   Which, is in contrast to my favorite color which is blue.  This is a picture of David Brown and I!  https://davidbensite.wordpress.com/… Davids Website!IMG_5107.JPG

Wk5-Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen

Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Joined To Form A Single Entity,  Collaboration 
Media: Metals, jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A

Instagram: @whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jensen is currently pursuing a BFA at CSULB’s School of Art this year.  She mainly works with the medium of metal and jewelry.  She originally was a sculpture major but switched because she did not like the technicalities of it.  This is her second year working with metal and with the way she talked, it sounds like she wants to continue it into her career. In the little past time an artist can have, she reads.  The reason the exhibition is named Fuse: Join To Form A Single Entity describes the idea that the whole exhibit is a collection of many peoples different works.  However, they show similarities as the medium of metal is the same.

Formal Analysis

Looking at the artwork she has made, she rarely has the metal going in a straight line.  Such as the necklace, everything has a curvature to it. Also, she seems to have not manipulated the color of the metal too much.  The colors all retain earthy tones that these metals would have in a natural setting.  The metal she makes, she does not shine or manipulate its clarity.  All of them still retain a certain amount of shine however are not perfectly spotless.  Her metal pieces are that mostly of jewelry and accessories. As she specified in her interview, her naming of her pieces is not very wordy and many are just untitled.

Content Analysis

Jensen stated she has to work a bit on her actual symbolism as a lot of her current work is based on what she wants to build in the moment.  She is very driven by process and technique but not so much deeper meaning.  Her art pieces reflect a certain rustic aspect of life however.  They also can show a almost flashback to times when metallurgy was a primary form of apparel.  She has had inspirations in her life that also give her a reason to make art with metal.

Synthesis/ Experience

Her work reminded me of the past when metal was used  more in unison with clothes.  Being a guy, it is very weird but I enjoy jewelry.  I personally like rings so that is why I took so many pictures of different rings in the exhibit.  It actually reminds me a bit of my dad’s wedding ring.  My fathers wedding ring is very simplistic however contains a couple swirls on the inside of the ring.  This time of simplicity/stylistic value can be seen in some of these rings as well.  Overall, it was enjoyable seeing another type of medium that can be seen as non-original.  We see paintings, wall art, and sculptures daily but seeing fine crafted metal is rare and it was a very enjoyable experience to witness such works.