Wk3-Art Experience-Snapchat

When I make most of my snaps that i draw… a lot deal with me being Greek.  Which is actually pretty cool, the greek one I took was in the morning before Art 110 gallery event.  I wanted to get ahead on the project personally.  My second picture is of a empty vase…. that i have.  It honestly is very sad to look at but i populated it with flowers in my snap to appeal to me. The third is a selfie Justin (In our art class) took of me and him at the Art Galleries in front of the courtyard.  Our stone cold look shows that it was obviously way to windy and early that day.  Both of our nights sleep were terrible. The last photo was a scape of Orange County my friend took… personally i thought it was breathtaking and shows how nature and urban can combine to make something beautiful.

IMG_4992 2.JPGIMG_4991.JPGIMG_4976.JPGIMG_4993.PNG


Wk 2-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

“Murphy’s Toe”- John Stouras

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this art project was just the absolutely stellar view of the sun.  The beach is one of my favorite places to be so having a Art Project that required me to go there was a dream come true.  The process was actually very simplistic from what seemed like a complex project.  It was very easy to execute the directions and not stick any of my limbs into wet plaster.  The plaster hardened relatively quickly and the foot came out pretty well.  You can see toe detail and even how my second toe is longer than my big toe.  Though i had a lackadaisical mood when cleaning up, as that is always the unpopular of steps.  The day ended with the sun coming below the horizon and creating a beautiful orange glow which solidified my assurance of how awesome my project was.  The most surprising aspect of my creation was how heavy the foot was.  It was heavy enough to be claimed a legitimate weapon in my book. In conclusion, the combination of the sun, the beach, and the really nice end result of the art project means alls well that ends well. IMG_4962.JPGIMG_4945.JPGIMG_4946.JPGIMG_4957.PNGIMG_4949.JPG

Wk 1- Art Experience-Landscapes With A Corpse

“A Step Too Far”-John Stouras

When thinking about the type of death, and shots for this art project…it required some thinking.  Thinking about a way to die can be difficult.  But then, the epiphany. I remember tripping in my sandals more than once.  This is because of how the under flap can catch on solid ground.  To begin, I recruited my friend Theodore to take the different camera shots.  I wanted him to take a eagle eye shot, a close up, and a second stairway shot.  To get into position, I sat on the stair case and just slumped forward.  Overall, actually came out very well.  Moral of the story, do NOT where socks with sandals.