Wk14-Art Experience-Drawing, Japanese Gardens

It was interesting drawing especially considering i’m the most horrid drawer I know.  You will never be able to distinguish between my abstracts and my real drawings as everything would look abstract in the viewers interpretations of my pieces.  I love the CSULB’s Japanese Gardens because it is always a tranquil experience.  The air seems fresher, and you have a deeper connection with the nature around you that is in motion yet motionless.  So, that is the focus of my “abstract” and “real” drawings.  It also emphasizes human creation and being.  However, to concentrate that even more it shows how humanities works and life is constantly inferior to the sheer force of nature.  Nature can take this livable Earth away from us and make it a wasteland before we do. Also, like most people I did a personal drawing of the koi fish which i was pretty proud of till I started filling it in.  To reiterate, drawing is not my strong suit and fails to be something I’ll be good that.  To keep that in mind, i’m proud of my drawings.  What I am not proud of is how I failed to remember to take pictures so that is deeply aggravating.  In the end, I kind of kept to myself while being at the Japanese Gardens and focused a lot with my surroundings. I wish I had engaged with my classmates more during it.  I just felt a deep connection and started drawing.  Overall, fun activity.



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