Wk15-Artist Conversation-Veronica Karpecki

Exhibition Information

Artist: Veronica Karpecki
Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic
Media: Drawing, pencils, mixed medium, paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: https://veronicakarpecki.carbonmade.com/
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Because of how this really was not an artist conversation as she was not there.  I learned a lot less about the artist. However, she described in her title card that many of her pieces were of a reflection of how she was having a identity crisis at a young age.  How she was trying to find who she really was. She also described poisonous relationships with people in her life and how people would judge her and how she shrugged it off and would use all of her past as inspiration for her art pieces.

Formal Analysis

Her art pieces are mostly cartoonish in nature.  The figures are so cartoonish that you can even feel like you have seen them before. Her contours are usually very smooth, which you can see in her Funky Love Machine piece. It seems she emphasizes this feeling of a piece being drawn to life in her art. Her pieces are almost completely of a person and seem to display human qualities. Also, the people are drawn almost without flaw, as if they are perfect in nature. Lastly, the pieces vary in color, some with hot and vibrant colors while others with cool and dark colors.

Content Analysis

Her pieces are seemingly self-reflexive. They describe a lot about her life as she has stated. Also, about maybe the roles humans can play. As one piece has the same character as a bird, a devil, and a mummy. So, overall it is a piece of human nature and what role humans can play. What is interesting is her paint piece plays a separate role from what all of her other pieces play. It shares a more cool but lively feel.  Funky Funky Love Machine  has the character expressing outright happiness, while others do as well, but she is playing a prominent female role. Maybe that characters female role shows an impact on the artist.

Synthesis / My Experience

Personally I really loved this exhibit.  I specifically chose this artist because I love how the cartoon-like drawings brought me back to a time in which I saw that type of drawing on a pretty regular basis. Overall, I really enjoyed her pieces. As a whole, the exhibit was of really good artists and actually I would’ve gone to it twice if I had time. Her pieces really did touch a certain younger part of me, wether it was intentional on her end or not.  Overall, really loved her pieces.



Wk15-Classmate Conversation-Josh Hyun

The first ice breaker I wanted to talk Josh about was about favorite colors.  Turns out, they are pretty similar! Mine is navy blue while his is indigo. So, this means we have to hit it off! Josh Hyun, as I found out his name is a Anthropology major. He really enjoys the study of humans he said. Josh Hyun is also of Korean decent. Actually he was born in South Korea. Our topic usually discussed about films and our majors.  We discussed about how good new films would be and specifically talked about the new Captain America film.  Overall, it was a short but sweet conversation.  Like a small piece of chocolate.


Wk14-Art Experience-Drawing, Japanese Gardens

It was interesting drawing especially considering i’m the most horrid drawer I know.  You will never be able to distinguish between my abstracts and my real drawings as everything would look abstract in the viewers interpretations of my pieces.  I love the CSULB’s Japanese Gardens because it is always a tranquil experience.  The air seems fresher, and you have a deeper connection with the nature around you that is in motion yet motionless.  So, that is the focus of my “abstract” and “real” drawings.  It also emphasizes human creation and being.  However, to concentrate that even more it shows how humanities works and life is constantly inferior to the sheer force of nature.  Nature can take this livable Earth away from us and make it a wasteland before we do. Also, like most people I did a personal drawing of the koi fish which i was pretty proud of till I started filling it in.  To reiterate, drawing is not my strong suit and fails to be something I’ll be good that.  To keep that in mind, i’m proud of my drawings.  What I am not proud of is how I failed to remember to take pictures so that is deeply aggravating.  In the end, I kind of kept to myself while being at the Japanese Gardens and focused a lot with my surroundings. I wish I had engaged with my classmates more during it.  I just felt a deep connection and started drawing.  Overall, fun activity.