Wk13-Classmate Conversation-Alfonso Madrigal

This weeks classmate conversation I had with Alfonso Madrigal.  I met Alfonso earlier on this year and found out he was one of my brothers in our fraternity.  Our fraternity we share together is Zeta Beta Tau.  I took this opportunity to get to learn Alfonso a lot more. We talked about sports first. I knew Alfonso and I would differ on this topic. So, we took this time to take jabs at each other favorite basketball teams. It was hard for him to take shots at me considering my team is the best in the league. Because I am from up north, my favorite team has been the Golden State Warriors. We also just did small talk and I found out more about him and his life.  Such as what he wants to do with his life and why he likes to where blue so much.  We also discussed a bit about cars and about how his car has 100 more horsepower than mine does.  Overall, it was a really interesting and awesome conversation.  I got to learn more things and do some smack talking with a fellow fraternity brother.

Alfonso’s website




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