Wk13-Art Experience- Art Care Package

To begin I wanted to put something that I personally enjoy and is beautiful that represents my portion of the care package I am giving to Katherine.  So, I had to chose a microfiber sunglass bag.  It contains a beautiful design of flowers on it and comes from a pretty expensive brand of sunglasses Maui Jim’s.  She has lived in the L.A. area so to give a object to her that represents that I gave her a picture of latin hip-hop group Cyprus Hills which grew out of the city South Gate.  Lastly, to have a piece of our moment, I put a currently minted penny in it.  Which has now been placed with a shield on the back of it.  Overall, this is the entire Art Care Package I am sending.  I hope it will suffice and create some interesting memories for her.  I wanted to add something applicable to daily life so that was the purpose of adding a microfiber case.  IMG_5389.JPGIMG_5390.JPG


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