Wk12-Classmate Conversation-Tyler Kedis

My classmate conversation this week was with Tyler Kedis.  Tyler is a undergraduate student here from Lakewood.  He, coincidentally, went to Lakewood High School and graduated in 2014. His favorite color is blue.  Which is good, because it is the most dominant color in the color spectra (I like blue as well).  He is currently taking fifteen units and is a Biochemistry major.  We discussed sports for a bit too.  The trigger of that conversation was caused when I saw him dawning a Los Angeles Kings jersey.  I am a San Jose Sharks fan, we were rivals at first sight.  So, obviously he was a Los Angeles Kings fan.  We discussed and debated other sports as well.  His favorite NFL team was the Minnesota Vikings.  Which again, we differed because I am a New York Jets fan.  Lastly, we finished the trifecta by discussing Major League Baseball in which he was a New York Yankees fan.  To continue our disagreements, I am a San Francisco Giants fan.  We just did not match on our sports.  But that is the nature of sports fandom.  We both had Instagram’s and his was @tyler_kedis.  Overall, it was a really cool conversation and Tyler was a sick individual.

Tyler Kedis website: Tylerkedis.wordpress.com



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