Wk12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Paint, Digital, Ink
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Student at California State University Long Beach.  She is in the Printmaking concentration and is in her final year.  Originally, she achieved her degree in Biology.  However her real passion and love is in the arts.  Back in her life, she had worked for companies that didn’t have a focus on art or biology.  She also liked to create different pieces every single time.  Her activities are broad and she likes to do many different things. Her pieces in this exhibit called Succession seem to focus on landscapes.

Formal Analysis

Each piece differs a lot on purpose.  Her artwork likes to highlight the environment below.  She uses a lot of eagle eye views on her pieces that create emphasis on the trees that are in the picture itself.  Also, she uses graphics to concentrate on parts of her pieces.  It seems she uses programs such as Google World to see nature being built around the cities. The trees are obviously the focus in most of her pieces.  She uses colors and opaqueness in the photos to also draw the viewers eye.  The pieces are all of urban areas with emphasis on foliage.  She also, sometimes combines paint with her prints.  The use of paints create a sense of intrusion in her paintings.  Which may be her direct intent.  To create a uneasy intrusive feel.

Content Analysis

I believe her pieces are to help show the intrusive nature of developing over trees.  We make it seem like we are expanded on a wild nature.  While, I believe her piece conveys a different message.  It displays the idea that we are actually invading a natural beauty.  Maybe, that we are usurping it.  Therefore, it is painting a picture that maybe we are the invaders on this land.

Synthesis / My Experience

I believe it helps describe the idea that we need to preserve nature.  That we need to create more eco-friendly buildings that help create a self-sustainable world.  For me, the piece also described in some ways how urban life can be beautiful.  how we can make beautiful architectural pieces. However, I am almost certain that was not her intention.  I do enjoy the way urban life can be beautiful however.  Overall, I really liked her exhibit.



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