Wk12-Art Experience-Game Design

The experience of founding a geocache was a lot more fun the placing one.  I love the idea of going to a location and trying to find something.  It reminds me of the childhood find the object books. A group of art classmates and I went to find a geocache labeled: State Vs Federal.  Which is a geocache located between the Veteran Affairs Hospital and our campus.  There was a hint that said it was in a murky water.  Funny enough, it was found inside a tree in murky water!  We all wrote our names down!  However, placing one was not as fun.  I put a bass pick (as I play Bass) as a trinket in an Altoids Can.  I decided to place it under a lamp post.  I used the hint that the location was enlightening.  I believe the fact that people cannot understand longitude and latitude purports a certain idea that there is a “muggle” and “wizard” differentiation.  Maybe, this makes geocachers have a sense of pride.  However, with a sense of pride it can come off as an impertinent attitude.  As if they are higher then regular people. However, I still believe geocaching is a cool hobby and activity to do.  I certainly had an enjoyable time doing it.

My Cache:

My Cache is somewhere enlightening…

Latitude: 33.786621

Longitude: -118.119575




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