Wk11-Art Experience-Turning Pages Social Experiment

To address some questions: the way to  capture a ephemeral experience is to spread it by word of mouth, take pictures or write about it.  Of course, the problem is how it will be replicated in different minds.  However, we have to admit that this is the only way to capture this type of experience.  A Video, however could capture the event well enough to re-watch and be preserve.  I don’t believe that certain images are less true to what occurred.  Except, for words, words can have extreme biases and be used to slant for or against the picture.  Youtube, a really useful video platform can share an ephemeral experience well with people who weren’t there.  I believe videoing the experience does lose a piece of the art.  That would be the factor of actually being surprised and witnessing it as it happens.  That is a type of feeling that you will never actually feel the experience by being there.  The feeling about not taking pictures in the library and taking pictures in the bookstore felt different.  Because, at the library it felt extremely taboo, while the atmosphere at the bookstore was different.  The people who were doing work at the bookstore seemed way more annoyed then the actual workers working the front desk at the bookstore.  When reading the books, I felt judgement coming from the people in the computer lab in library.  The bookstore, was just a much more of a free feel.  However, the workers at the library were a lot more gleeful of us being there.  While the workers at the bookstore, seemed slightly perplexed the purpose there were so many of us.  I believe, the ways these  space change are because of what society and the people are using at the time.  I believing moving the books upstairs was purposeful because people are using computers a lot more for research.  I would rather the books be everywhere however.  In the bookstore, it conformed to cultural standards.  Such as the greek store, the large tv, and the huge audio section.  The experience was overall enjoyable.  I love to defy societal standards.IMG_20160407_113159774.jpgIMG_20160407_115432346.jpgIMG_20160407_112353055.jpg


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