Wk13-Art Experience- Art Care Package

To begin I wanted to put something that I personally enjoy and is beautiful that represents my portion of the care package I am giving to Katherine.  So, I had to chose a microfiber sunglass bag.  It contains a beautiful design of flowers on it and comes from a pretty expensive brand of sunglasses Maui Jim’s.  She has lived in the L.A. area so to give a object to her that represents that I gave her a picture of latin hip-hop group Cyprus Hills which grew out of the city South Gate.  Lastly, to have a piece of our moment, I put a currently minted penny in it.  Which has now been placed with a shield on the back of it.  Overall, this is the entire Art Care Package I am sending.  I hope it will suffice and create some interesting memories for her.  I wanted to add something applicable to daily life so that was the purpose of adding a microfiber case.  IMG_5389.JPGIMG_5390.JPG


Wk13-Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Miscellanous Objects, Mixed Media, Wood, Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: @nickbamf4d

About the Artist

Nick Bamford is a senior at California State University Long Beach achieving his BFA in Ceramics.  Nick is a Huntington Beach native.  He found his love for Ceramics when he took a Ceramics class at his high school.  He loves to have art and be active in the art community.  Nick described that one of his passions is to do Mixed Media art.  This type of art is a clash of different forms of media to create a unique image. In his free time, he creates as much art as he can.  Again, as I described before, he does art from different forms, so he has described doing painting which we can see in this medium he has shown to us.

Formal Analysis

What is immediately interesting about the exhibit it is its almost completely in black light and lowlight.  The potpourri objects used are pretty far between.  We have shopping carts, flags, and even some gear pieces. Also, the use of neon colors creates a sharp contrast with the darkness that surround it.  He would also use paper and other materials in front of light source to create a certain light diffusion.  Overall, his pieces had jagged edges and created a feeling of unease.  This seems completely intentional as most art pieces have every aspect of the art piece controlled.  That is the most accurate assumption you have to make while looking at art.

Content Analysis

I believe the piece, like most others, is a critique.  I believe it might be a slight commentary on society and how overwhelmed and bombarded we are with things.  Things in this case being tangible objects.  This could be the idea that represents all the items that are piled on top of each other.  For us, we pile objects and then feel they are “junk” so maybe it represents this idea that these objects are “junk”.  Also, it is intentionally creating a fantastic spectacle.  This exhibit helps show Bamford’s imagination gone wild.  We see this imagination as these pieces are far away from what we would assume that would come from an exhibit such as paintings.  The observer is almost completely taken off guard by this.

Synthesis / My Experience

This piece actually reminds me a bit of the 80’s.  A time of turbulence.  Which is represented by the seemingly chaotic pieces.  Also, a time of neon and acid “trips” which could be the lighting and the lightings “feel”.  The lighting is constantly disorienting and distracting to the eye.  This is what the exhibit had me feel, for others that could be different.  It was actually one of the more interesting exhibits we have had this year.  I personally really enjoyed the pieces because they were mixed media.  I have never seen this specific style of artwork or anything remotely close to it.  However, Nick Bamford’s art piece truly stands out and is extremely unique.  This exhibit will stick with me for a long time.


Wk13-Classmate Conversation-Alfonso Madrigal

This weeks classmate conversation I had with Alfonso Madrigal.  I met Alfonso earlier on this year and found out he was one of my brothers in our fraternity.  Our fraternity we share together is Zeta Beta Tau.  I took this opportunity to get to learn Alfonso a lot more. We talked about sports first. I knew Alfonso and I would differ on this topic. So, we took this time to take jabs at each other favorite basketball teams. It was hard for him to take shots at me considering my team is the best in the league. Because I am from up north, my favorite team has been the Golden State Warriors. We also just did small talk and I found out more about him and his life.  Such as what he wants to do with his life and why he likes to where blue so much.  We also discussed a bit about cars and about how his car has 100 more horsepower than mine does.  Overall, it was a really interesting and awesome conversation.  I got to learn more things and do some smack talking with a fellow fraternity brother.

Alfonso’s website



Wk12-Art Experience-Game Design

The experience of founding a geocache was a lot more fun the placing one.  I love the idea of going to a location and trying to find something.  It reminds me of the childhood find the object books. A group of art classmates and I went to find a geocache labeled: State Vs Federal.  Which is a geocache located between the Veteran Affairs Hospital and our campus.  There was a hint that said it was in a murky water.  Funny enough, it was found inside a tree in murky water!  We all wrote our names down!  However, placing one was not as fun.  I put a bass pick (as I play Bass) as a trinket in an Altoids Can.  I decided to place it under a lamp post.  I used the hint that the location was enlightening.  I believe the fact that people cannot understand longitude and latitude purports a certain idea that there is a “muggle” and “wizard” differentiation.  Maybe, this makes geocachers have a sense of pride.  However, with a sense of pride it can come off as an impertinent attitude.  As if they are higher then regular people. However, I still believe geocaching is a cool hobby and activity to do.  I certainly had an enjoyable time doing it.

My Cache:

My Cache is somewhere enlightening…

Latitude: 33.786621

Longitude: -118.119575



Wk12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Paint, Digital, Ink
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Student at California State University Long Beach.  She is in the Printmaking concentration and is in her final year.  Originally, she achieved her degree in Biology.  However her real passion and love is in the arts.  Back in her life, she had worked for companies that didn’t have a focus on art or biology.  She also liked to create different pieces every single time.  Her activities are broad and she likes to do many different things. Her pieces in this exhibit called Succession seem to focus on landscapes.

Formal Analysis

Each piece differs a lot on purpose.  Her artwork likes to highlight the environment below.  She uses a lot of eagle eye views on her pieces that create emphasis on the trees that are in the picture itself.  Also, she uses graphics to concentrate on parts of her pieces.  It seems she uses programs such as Google World to see nature being built around the cities. The trees are obviously the focus in most of her pieces.  She uses colors and opaqueness in the photos to also draw the viewers eye.  The pieces are all of urban areas with emphasis on foliage.  She also, sometimes combines paint with her prints.  The use of paints create a sense of intrusion in her paintings.  Which may be her direct intent.  To create a uneasy intrusive feel.

Content Analysis

I believe her pieces are to help show the intrusive nature of developing over trees.  We make it seem like we are expanded on a wild nature.  While, I believe her piece conveys a different message.  It displays the idea that we are actually invading a natural beauty.  Maybe, that we are usurping it.  Therefore, it is painting a picture that maybe we are the invaders on this land.

Synthesis / My Experience

I believe it helps describe the idea that we need to preserve nature.  That we need to create more eco-friendly buildings that help create a self-sustainable world.  For me, the piece also described in some ways how urban life can be beautiful.  how we can make beautiful architectural pieces. However, I am almost certain that was not her intention.  I do enjoy the way urban life can be beautiful however.  Overall, I really liked her exhibit.


Wk12-Classmate Conversation-Tyler Kedis

My classmate conversation this week was with Tyler Kedis.  Tyler is a undergraduate student here from Lakewood.  He, coincidentally, went to Lakewood High School and graduated in 2014. His favorite color is blue.  Which is good, because it is the most dominant color in the color spectra (I like blue as well).  He is currently taking fifteen units and is a Biochemistry major.  We discussed sports for a bit too.  The trigger of that conversation was caused when I saw him dawning a Los Angeles Kings jersey.  I am a San Jose Sharks fan, we were rivals at first sight.  So, obviously he was a Los Angeles Kings fan.  We discussed and debated other sports as well.  His favorite NFL team was the Minnesota Vikings.  Which again, we differed because I am a New York Jets fan.  Lastly, we finished the trifecta by discussing Major League Baseball in which he was a New York Yankees fan.  To continue our disagreements, I am a San Francisco Giants fan.  We just did not match on our sports.  But that is the nature of sports fandom.  We both had Instagram’s and his was @tyler_kedis.  Overall, it was a really cool conversation and Tyler was a sick individual.

Tyler Kedis website: Tylerkedis.wordpress.com


Wk11-Art Experience-Turning Pages Social Experiment

To address some questions: the way to  capture a ephemeral experience is to spread it by word of mouth, take pictures or write about it.  Of course, the problem is how it will be replicated in different minds.  However, we have to admit that this is the only way to capture this type of experience.  A Video, however could capture the event well enough to re-watch and be preserve.  I don’t believe that certain images are less true to what occurred.  Except, for words, words can have extreme biases and be used to slant for or against the picture.  Youtube, a really useful video platform can share an ephemeral experience well with people who weren’t there.  I believe videoing the experience does lose a piece of the art.  That would be the factor of actually being surprised and witnessing it as it happens.  That is a type of feeling that you will never actually feel the experience by being there.  The feeling about not taking pictures in the library and taking pictures in the bookstore felt different.  Because, at the library it felt extremely taboo, while the atmosphere at the bookstore was different.  The people who were doing work at the bookstore seemed way more annoyed then the actual workers working the front desk at the bookstore.  When reading the books, I felt judgement coming from the people in the computer lab in library.  The bookstore, was just a much more of a free feel.  However, the workers at the library were a lot more gleeful of us being there.  While the workers at the bookstore, seemed slightly perplexed the purpose there were so many of us.  I believe, the ways these  space change are because of what society and the people are using at the time.  I believing moving the books upstairs was purposeful because people are using computers a lot more for research.  I would rather the books be everywhere however.  In the bookstore, it conformed to cultural standards.  Such as the greek store, the large tv, and the huge audio section.  The experience was overall enjoyable.  I love to defy societal standards.IMG_20160407_113159774.jpgIMG_20160407_115432346.jpgIMG_20160407_112353055.jpg