Wk10-Art Experience-INSTAGRAM

I personally love using Instagram and I was more than happy to make some posts of my day.  Overall, I wanted to take mostly night pictures because I was heading home so I took one flying out, and one in my car.  The other two were of my bag, and of the interesting 3D model of Helen Werner Cox’s exhibit Silent Screams.  Taking a picture on Instagram involves some serious decision making.  First, is it worthy of taking a picture.  Second, what colors are you going to add and what effects will you make it.  Does it enhance the image is the last most important question!  I personally love taking photos on Instagram, sometimes so many people will text me to stop posting on Instagram!  Our class hashtag actually had beautiful continuity on the time of day.  Of course because they are sorted that way but it makes it look very interesting.  The number that were taken in door and outdoors varies however it seems there were a lot more taken outdoors.  Overall, there were some really cool pictures that varied from in campus to out of campus and they all looked pretty cool.  In conclusion, we all have super interesting lives and I advocate the more constant use of Instagram to express it!



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