Adam McConnelly- Space Scientist

Date: April 24th, 2046

Another day another catastrophic failure.  A couple days ago we failed to create the necessary flux drive to be able to travel at the speed we need to go to a solar system in our local group.  We need to be able to go 8 parsecs/hour but are reaching everything shy of that.  Ugh, if you do not know who I am, I am Adam McConnelly.  Noble Prize in Physics, and inventor of the Mark IV Warp Drive.  I was born about three decades ago in Brooklyn, New York.  I would always sit on my apartment roof and look into the sky seeing the thousands of stars that are splattered across the celestial sphere.  I wanted to fly up there and call one of them home.  It was always a dream.  At the age of 20, I was able to find and create the Mark IV Warp Drive which, in a sense, manipulates space time allowing objects to approach times faster… near Light Travel Speed. Now, NASA commissioned me to do studies on Moonbase Alpha and it is THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE to do scientific work.  Now I am stuck on this damn rock in space.  I am overseeing the creation of a launch pad and It is honestly what I am managing most of my day.  The launch pad, because of the lower gravitational acceleration on the moon, will allow for spaceships with less thrust to go farther.  This mediocre work is making me go partially insane to the point of where Ive went to get multiple psychiatric exams.  Oh well, such as like on a dark grey moon like this.  Hopefully I can go back down to earth where I will feel more appreciated.  Well at least I have made some friends along the way:

J, a pretty much renown engineer, meet him if you get the chance… he has a pretty interesting story:

Mr.Dahrk, a more so sketchy fellow, keep an eye on him:

Pepe Sanders, This is the great man who actually sent me here.  NOT! I am extremely upset by this mission and I want to go home gosh darn it!:





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