Wk8-Artist Conversation- Almira M. Nikravesh

Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibit: Farsh

Medium: MDF and Hydrocal

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

website: None

Insta: almiranikravesh


Almira Nikravesh is an Iranian CSULB undergraduate student.  She is currently a BFA Major and is in the sculpting specialization.  She is a senior and is graduating this semester.  One thing she does outside of art is lifting.  She said she likes to be kept in shape.  She chose art because art provides an escape and allows a person to be freeform and free.  She feels her artwork she creates applies to her life.  She chose sculpting specifically because it is free flow and has no medium boundaries.  Like many artists, one of the aspects she enjoys the most is that she can express herself, her life, and how she feels through art.

One thing that immediately drew my intention was how many soft smooth lines each foot and sculpture in the middle had.  The number of harsh lines was limited and what was striking was the lack of color.  All the feet were done in white and the structure in the middle was tan.  The toes were also not perfectly straight.  They were also remained human, as in imperfect.  The middle art piece was beautiful as it was perfectly symmetrical. The circles and lines in the art piece seemed to create really beautiful replicating textures. It actually replicates details that of a Persian rug.

To connect the idea of the Persian rug. Her sculptures seem to tie a lot with her ethnic background.  I talked to a Persian friend of mine and it is seen as respectful and polite if you take your shoes off.  Maybe this is why the bare feet are surrounding the rug.  Or, maybe the feet tie into a communal factor that she may have felt with her Iranian background.  Overall, you get a feeling of home when you enter into the exhibit.  Such as you are entering a place of warmth which comes from not only the color of the “Persian Rug” but also the absence of color in the feet that surround it.

I got the experience of entering a home from this art piece.  The feeling of the sculptures created a tranquil space.  I felt that her artwork created a peaceful nature and reflected a culture that I have never met.  Which, was a fun and interesting feeling in a way.  Being able to visit a culture that is foreign and alien to yours is a intimidating and exciting feeling.  I felt this on multiple trips to South America.  I felt it reminded me of those times when I wanted to learn more about a separate culture.  It almost highlights the idea of accepting other peoples cultures and seeing them as beautiful, fruitful, art.




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