Wk8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

For my Automatic Drawing Art Experience I did this with a friend Brian Nazarian.  This was actually a pretty cool art project.  I first started by taping four printing pieces of paper on a piece of plywood.  This created a great piece of support.  Brian and I sat on opposite coaches and put it between us.  At first, Brian did not understand and tried to forcibly draw his name so  I resisted.  Then we slowly let the process work and we actually almost got a face out of it.  One constant problem we always had doing it was hitting the edges of the paper.  Sometimes the edge would catch the pencil and cause wrinkles and tears.  At the end of the project, it was a silly and fun experience.  I really enjoyed it!  It was a bonding moment and also showed how maybe next time I should’ve chosen a friend who was not such a close friend.  So they wouldn’t try to draw random objects.  IMG_5165.JPGIMG_5164.JPGIMG_5162.JPG


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