Wk8-Classmate Conversation-Justin Marquez

My classmate conversation this Thursday was with Justin Marquez.  I found out Justin actually lives in my dorm!  It was an interesting fact.  One of the first topics we engaged in was basketball.  I noticed he was wearing a Lakers jacket and threw some funny jokes his away about it.  Me being a Warriors fan and him being a Lakers fan was an important discussion we had.  He did have a good point, his team beat mine a couple days ago.   However, having one of the greatest records in NBA History is a good point to establish.  Justin and I talked about certain dorm gossip and things about how it was to live in Parkside J.  If anything came out of it, a have another friend in the Parkside dorms.  Lastly, before we left we talked about video games.  We both play computer games and I was able to vibe with him on that.  To wrap up, I really enjoyed talking to Justin.




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