Wk7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Williams


Artist: Andrea L. Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Cement, Clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: @andreawilliammms

The first exhibit I saw was Andrea L. Williams Sacrifice gallery.  Andrea Williams is a undergraduate student here at California State University Long Beach and is, obviously as many are, an arts major.  She is specifically in Ceramics (probably why she had a Ceramic exhibition).    She was born in California at Riverside.  Her being devoutly Christian and being a mother is expressed in her gallery.  Lastly, she has a wide love for animals as she owns some!

Her artwork contains ridges and bumps as it seems the cement and clay have not been flattened evenly. The colors that are mainly expressed are red, white and the background, grey.  This use of three colors creates a more impactful feel then a use of wide colors.  The painted lines are very sharp and defined.  Silhouette lines seem very exact.  However, non silhouette lines seem to follow a more chaotic pattern.  The clay forms at the bottom create a contrasting color with the grey background.

I believe her art piece describes how everything in life is a sacrifice.  Jesus sacrifice on the cross is no different then a women’s sacrifice of time with a child.  The colors create a dark intense tone that makes the observer almost unsettled.  Obviously religious feelings play heavily into her pieces.  She has one with clay models of sheep’s heads representing the good shepherd himself.  It also expresses a lot about the women body as It has women playing biblical roles.  Their is also one of a female torso, and baby hands around it.  The message of fertility, religion, and femininity are all heavy handed messages in her artwork in this exhibit.

This art experience actually made me question biblical masculinity a bit more.  There, of course, is always many male roles that are important in the bible.  However, females play a very minor role biblically except for the Virgin Mary. So, I took it more so as a religious commentary in my perspective.  I personally really enjoyed this gallery it definitely was one of my favorites of this year.





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