Wk7-Art Experience-Group Video Project


Megan and I made this video where we interviewed students on their college life!  It was a pretty interesting experience! I interviewed the people in my college suite.  First, I interviewed Brian who proved to be hesitant to be filmed which is why it is in such a weird angle and not head on like many of the rest.  The other, was John Hoyt.  He only wanted to be interviewed while he was showering and said he would not do it any other way…  Which honestly confused me.  Both interviews gained valuable insight into the diversity we have on campus major and life wise.  No two lives are similar.  Overall, you can see my friends are pretty weird and it was fun to collaborate with Megan on this project!  I am looking for other cool art projects in the future because this was one of my favorite ones.  At the end of the project, I obtained a closer bond with everyone (sadly, John Hoyt a lot more than others). The medium of camera is honestly very important to me because I am a Film and Electronic Arts major.  So whenever a camera is in my hands I get really happy and go crazy with recording.  This experience has just helped reaffirm by major choice and made me that much more happy I am in it!


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