Wk6-Art Experience-Photowalk

My experience on the walk was very interesting and social.  I was able to meet majors from all types and people of all types as well.  A peaceful walk (partial bus ride) was pretty enjoyable as I usually do not take nature walks.  As for shooting, I focused on wide and more encompassing shots with the Japanese Garden and the CSULB vine shooting. The shots were meant to encompass the background they were put on.  The Japanese Garden was one of the most tranquil places I’ve been to.  It honestly was a part I enjoyed so much because I felt more at peace then anything. I digress, to continue on shots; large shots are meant to show reality and I believe that is what I do with these images.  This is because it shows the background and its surrounding allowing you to interpret exactly what you see.  The photo walk, in end result was nice and social.  My tour guide was very good.  They were able to provide interesting insight on every location we went to.IMG_5079.JPGIMG_5080.JPGIMG_5078.JPG


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