Wk3-Art Experience-Snapchat

When I make most of my snaps that i draw… a lot deal with me being Greek.  Which is actually pretty cool, the greek one I took was in the morning before Art 110 gallery event.  I wanted to get ahead on the project personally.  My second picture is of a empty vase…. that i have.  It honestly is very sad to look at but i populated it with flowers in my snap to appeal to me. The third is a selfie Justin (In our art class) took of me and him at the Art Galleries in front of the courtyard.  Our stone cold look shows that it was obviously way to windy and early that day.  Both of our nights sleep were terrible. The last photo was a scape of Orange County my friend took… personally i thought it was breathtaking and shows how nature and urban can combine to make something beautiful.

IMG_4992 2.JPGIMG_4991.JPGIMG_4976.JPGIMG_4993.PNG


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