Wk6-Art Experience-Photowalk

My experience on the walk was very interesting and social.  I was able to meet majors from all types and people of all types as well.  A peaceful walk (partial bus ride) was pretty enjoyable as I usually do not take nature walks.  As for shooting, I focused on wide and more encompassing shots with the Japanese Garden and the CSULB vine shooting. The shots were meant to encompass the background they were put on.  The Japanese Garden was one of the most tranquil places I’ve been to.  It honestly was a part I enjoyed so much because I felt more at peace then anything. I digress, to continue on shots; large shots are meant to show reality and I believe that is what I do with these images.  This is because it shows the background and its surrounding allowing you to interpret exactly what you see.  The photo walk, in end result was nice and social.  My tour guide was very good.  They were able to provide interesting insight on every location we went to.IMG_5079.JPGIMG_5080.JPGIMG_5078.JPG


Wk5-Classmate Conversation- Megan Stevens

Last Thursday I walked around with fellow classmate Megan Stevens and tour the art. She is currently a in the pre-major for Psychology and her favorite class is comparative world literature.  She has two dogs and her favorite color is navy blue.  This matches pretty well with my favorite color which is blue as well.  her favorite sport is baseball with her team being the Seattle Mariners.  She lives in Orange County and drives to school every day.  She plays piano and her way of giving back to society is volunteering at soup-kitchens.  This is pretty cool as it helps her get active in the community and she seems like a very well rounded individual!

Her website: https://megstevensblog.wordpress.com/



Wk5-Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen

Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Joined To Form A Single Entity,  Collaboration 
Media: Metals, jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A

Instagram: @whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jensen is currently pursuing a BFA at CSULB’s School of Art this year.  She mainly works with the medium of metal and jewelry.  She originally was a sculpture major but switched because she did not like the technicalities of it.  This is her second year working with metal and with the way she talked, it sounds like she wants to continue it into her career. In the little past time an artist can have, she reads.  The reason the exhibition is named Fuse: Join To Form A Single Entity describes the idea that the whole exhibit is a collection of many peoples different works.  However, they show similarities as the medium of metal is the same.

Formal Analysis

Looking at the artwork she has made, she rarely has the metal going in a straight line.  Such as the necklace, everything has a curvature to it. Also, she seems to have not manipulated the color of the metal too much.  The colors all retain earthy tones that these metals would have in a natural setting.  The metal she makes, she does not shine or manipulate its clarity.  All of them still retain a certain amount of shine however are not perfectly spotless.  Her metal pieces are that mostly of jewelry and accessories. As she specified in her interview, her naming of her pieces is not very wordy and many are just untitled.

Content Analysis

Jensen stated she has to work a bit on her actual symbolism as a lot of her current work is based on what she wants to build in the moment.  She is very driven by process and technique but not so much deeper meaning.  Her art pieces reflect a certain rustic aspect of life however.  They also can show a almost flashback to times when metallurgy was a primary form of apparel.  She has had inspirations in her life that also give her a reason to make art with metal.

Synthesis/ Experience

Her work reminded me of the past when metal was used  more in unison with clothes.  Being a guy, it is very weird but I enjoy jewelry.  I personally like rings so that is why I took so many pictures of different rings in the exhibit.  It actually reminds me a bit of my dad’s wedding ring.  My fathers wedding ring is very simplistic however contains a couple swirls on the inside of the ring.  This time of simplicity/stylistic value can be seen in some of these rings as well.  Overall, it was enjoyable seeing another type of medium that can be seen as non-original.  We see paintings, wall art, and sculptures daily but seeing fine crafted metal is rare and it was a very enjoyable experience to witness such works.



Wk5-Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture, Coiffure

I chose Couture for this weeks Art Experience.  On a college budget, it becomes difficult to think of something innovative on a low budget.  However, I decided to go for the “Late 30’s Workout Dad” look.  To achieve this it would involve some cheaper workout clothes, and the staple item for such a niche, the fanny pack.  The fanny pack was acquired from a friend who had to do fraternity activities with it.  The clothes i collected would be:  A workout ASICS bro tank (Neon Orange to stand out), grey ASICS workout shorts, ASICS workout shoes and the fanny pack.  Now that I reflect on the things I wear, I was either a Late 30’s Workout Dad or a human ASICS billboard.  I decided to display such clothes in a fashion only a 38 year old Dad would, jogging!  I decided to go jogging in my semi-humiliating gear for about 30 minutes before becoming exhausted and heading back. Luckily the amount of people who stared at me was low because many people are not out at 5 pm on a Saturday.  This was a blessing but also a curse as I ran into a good friend of mine who decided to have a chuckle about what I wore.  Overall, I would say this is another art success! No regrets!


Wk4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing

This project personally was hellish comparative to the past projects.  My artwork, I wish was better because the image of it was nice, however the end result was very poor.  I first started with the bubble sketch… which was pretty awesome actually and I was really pumped about executing it!  I decided that black and blue was good because of the Panthers loss.   I bought a big piece of wood to spray paint it on.  When I did the first blue coast, i was happy it looked rugged but clean.  But once the black was put on, it was very difficult.  Multiple coats were needed, the bubble effect was poorly done, and I was very very aggravated.  I learned that I am very poor at graffiti art.  But I learned serious perseverance through this project, for that I am thankful.



WK4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Self Exhibition
Media: Ceramics and other miscellaneous pieces (gardening tools, cigarette cartons)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @samueljenri

About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan is an alumni from California State University Long Beach.  He has his BFA in ceramics.  Ceramics seems pretty crucial to his artistic expression as he has done it for so long, 15 years.  One of the first ways he started ceramics was when he worked with a ceramic production company.

Formal Analysis

His ceramic works all had large curvatures.  It seems as though he intentionally didn’t make many of the lines straight. Such as the feat on the cookie monster, the “toes” portion is softly curved into the ground.  He uses soft colors as well.  The colors are faded and almost blend with the color of ceramic itself.  The way he puts the curves together however, almost creates a contour.  The idea that you could just trace each sculpture with one line.  Also, each time he uses a specific color, you see him use different hues within that blue.  For example,  on the narwhal, he used a pinkish red; Which was surrounded by different hues of red such as a soft orange.

Content Analysis

Jernigan’s work tackles an idea of our childish past being alienated by corporate consumerist messages.  This is perhaps the reason multiple of his pieces have connotations of toddler or young child toys.  To give some examples: the women without the head and the cookie monster.  There is a constant contrast between the logos that seem forcefully applied to some of the art (such as the  smiley face on the women without a head, and the cigarette carton next to the kid) to the rest of the art piece. Or even, the idea that our childhood objects have some realism to them, such as how the narwhal is suspended by a cylindrical object.

Synthesis/ Experience

A lot of this artwork was supremely nostalgic to me.  The cookie monster was honestly one of my favorite puppet characters as a kid so seeing it in such a art form was beautiful in a way.  It was also a reflective moment when I saw the kid with the cigarette packet.  As it was a reminder of when I got addicted to cigarettes and eventually stopped because I believed it will just killing me and fueling more money to them.  The lack of ridges created a calming feeling when approaching each different piece.   The whole room was vibrant in very calm tones by the colors and soft curves actually.  Overall, as most artwork is, it was a reflective experience.


Wk3-Artist Conversation-Joshua Vasquez

Info Block

Artist:Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: Organic roses, marker, white/black contrast, red rosin paper, trash bags
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @joshybehr

About the Artist

Joshua Vasquez is a graduate student at California State University Long Beach and is getting his BFAA in the School of Arts.  He is an undergraduate.  The show was not related to his degree.  He was born in the city of  Los Angeles itself.  What seems to be evident in his art and art gallery title is he uses his a Hispanic heritage a lot.  Therefore, has a deep connection with it.

Formal Analysis

Honestly in most of his work, you see multiple marker strokes are used to create a line.  It creates almost a raw feeling.  The color black is common in all of his works, even the crushed roses were on top of a black plane.  Actually, in his Vida art show all of his pieces had very organic aspects.  The dark tones in most of them gave a earth like feel.  In his Skull drawing, the use of only a black marker is very smooth like most of his plant splattering.  The splatter and drawings do not seem forced.  More specifically they look in naturally occurring like something you could find in common nature.  Some of his artwork, such as the skull, contained curvy lines that would meet at peak points and create a sharp angle.  Which is an interesting art style to use.  The use of roses was unique as I have not seen an art piece where the actual art is decaying.

Content Analysis

His work is about contrast between life and death. This relates the title of his gallery.  He also chooses to match a lot of his work with greater painters such as Van Gogh.  He talks about how his pieces represent life, they all die eventually.  Which can help provide a theme for the use of roses.  In this show he wanted to show the overall aspects of life.   The overall idea seemed to be the life cycle.

Synthesis / My Experience

A lot of the artwork seemed to act as a mirror for me. I had a lot of self-reflection pertaining to how life starts and ends.  I personally felt that his work showed about how life dies constantly.  This type of idea revived a feeling that I should live everyday very sacredly. The cycle of life is a taboo conversation in our society. We rarely consider death, because we cannot comprehend it. I wish we could at least discuss it and not disregard it.  Other cultures dive into the topic.  For example, Mexican culture embraces death as not a grim event, but one of celebration and recognition of ones’ life.  I would hope our society and culture dive into one more aligned with the Hispanic cultures.  Because, the one we have  is saddening and grim most of the time.