Wk 1- Art Experience-Landscapes With A Corpse

“A Step Too Far”-John Stouras

When thinking about the type of death, and shots for this art project…it required some thinking.  Thinking about a way to die can be difficult.  But then, the epiphany. I remember tripping in my sandals more than once.  This is because of how the under flap can catch on solid ground.  To begin, I recruited my friend Theodore to take the different camera shots.  I wanted him to take a eagle eye shot, a close up, and a second stairway shot.  To get into position, I sat on the stair case and just slumped forward.  Overall, actually came out very well.  Moral of the story, do NOT where socks with sandals.


Author: StourasReviews

I love films to death! So why not review them!

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